Blacklaws Drilling considers the occupational health and safety of its employees and the environment to be of primary importance. It believes that the creation of a responsible health, safety and environmental culture during any drilling program is integral to its long-term success.

It is Blacklaws Drilling’s attitude that we will strive to minimise occupational health and safety risks in all our activities and take an active role in raising the health and safety awareness and responsibility of employees through consultation and training.

The main safety and health objectives are:

  • To provide all employees and contractors with a safe and healthy working environment;
  • To protect the environment in the areas of operation;
  • To comply with all relevant laws and regulations;
  • To provide training to all site personnel to assist them in carrying out their work in a safe and healthy manner and to protect the environment;
  • To assess on a scheduled basis, compliance with relevant standards and to implement any corrective measures identified in a timely manner;
  • To have communications systems in place so that all site personnel have involvement in the safety of their workplace.

The performance goals are:

  • To have an accident/incident free working environment;
  • To have no environmental incidents;
  • To report all incidents to the immediate supervisor;
  • To conduct open and fair incident investigations and to immediately implement any corrective actions to prevent any recurrence;



  • To comply with the action dates;
  • To comply with the schedule on inspections and audits, and
  • To comply with the schedule of health, safety & environmental meetings.