With the environment being one of the most talked about topics of today’s generation Blacklaws Drilling ensures that any work it undertakes has the environment in mind and follows strict environmental policies that it has in place .


Blacklaws Drilling recognises that good environmental risk management processes are an integral part of good environmental management practice. Risk assessment plays a major role in the decision making process. A risk assessment and hazard rectification shall be the basis of conducting any risk assessments on environmental issues/hazards identified on Blacklaws Drilling drill sites.


Management of environmental hazards will be carried out using the hierarchy of control measures.

Eliminate the Hazard

Remove non-environmentally sound products from the operation.


Using biodegradable products that do not impact on the environment.

Engineering control

Oils and drilling fluids to be stored in bunds. Will prevent contamination of the soil by containing the spill.

Administrative control

Training personal in the use and handling of drilling fluids.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personnel to be issued and trained in the use of PPE requirements when using drilling fluids.


Environmental Training

Blacklaws Drilling is committed to ensuring that all staff undergo training as far as how to minimise the impact that our operation has on our surrounds. New personnel to site will have commitment to the environment outlined to them during their general site induction. This will ensure that Blacklaws Drilling personnel have an understanding of the commitment required to achieve environmental management principles.

Training will include but not be limited to:

Awareness of native flora/fauna impacts.

Responsibility of the individual to the environment.

Materials management techniques.


Correct techniques for spill management and waste disposal

Blacklaws Drilling will conduct its operations responsibly and with due regard to the impact on the environment.

It is Blacklaws Drilling’s policy to strive to eliminate any adverse environmental effects of all its activities and take an active role in raising the environmental awareness and responsibility of employees, suppliers and customers.




For this policy to be implemented, Blacklaws Drilling will:-

  • Conform to all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and any other requirements to which Blacklaws subscribes
  • Ensure that all its establishments have appropriate procedures and \facilities to ensure that such standards can be met
  • Implement effective environmental management and reporting systems utilising an international standard for an environmental management system
  • Apply the principles and commitment of continual improvement to environmental performance



  • Use raw materials and resources prudently
  • Promote the recycling of used and waste material
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among all employees, suppliers and customers
    Co-operate with all relevant environmental agencies
  • Conduct regular audits of conformance to all relevant environmental requirements and the review of progress at senior management level