Blacklaws Drilling offers two rigs to choose from they are as follows.



Mantis 200 with the capabilities to do diamond NQ 200m, HQ 120m, RC 150m and NQ Aircore to 200m or HQ Aircore to 120m. This rig can be rubber track mounted with the 240/400 air compressor on a Mooroka with the Mantis Rig on a Yanmar or 240/400 onboard compressor on a 4X4 MAN truck depending on the clients requirements. A 350/900 Air compressor can also be supplied on a Mooroka or truck for the RC option.

Hanjib 35 multi with the capabilities to do diamond NQ to 1400m, HQ to 800m and RC to 300m. This rig is mounted onĀ  rubber track vehicles only.

Blacklaws Drilling also offers a full fleet of support vehicles for both rigs and a wide range of drilling support options including surface water control for both Diamond and RC Drilling

Both rigs and their support vehicles are designed to be environmentally friendly and have the ability to work in rough or hard to get to terrain.